Three things I’m loving this week


Outdoor swim meets. Wow…outdoor swim meets are a whole different experience. I did learn that next time I’m going to bring sunscreen and try to pick a seat in the shade, but all in all it was pretty cool to sit outside instead of a stifling indoor pool deck.


The Highmark Quad. It’s a family affair this year with both girls and myself signed up for the four-race series. The bike event (last Saturday) also draws out my big bro, Joe, who is an avid cyclist, and my niece-in-law Bethany who rode her bike for the first time this year the night before the Quad. (And, that’s what is awesome about the Quad — it attracts athletes of all ages and abilities.


Teen “How To” Classes at Blasco Library. To be fair, Kelly’s loving these more since she’s the one actually doing them, but she’s loved every one that she has done. I’m happy to kill time biking or walking along the bayfront while she’s there. She made the cupcake above in the “Let’s Get Baking” class. I’m hoping to talk her into the Teen Advisory Board.

Things I’m not loving this week


Loss of the Smile-face Tree. There’s a tree….wait…there WAS a tree right across from my office that appeared to be a smiling face with a leafy hairdo. It made me happy every time I walked by it. It reminded me of the illustrated tree in one of the girls’ favorite childhood story books — Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree.  I was slightly horrified to find workers cutting it down last week.  Apparently, carpenter ants were eating it alive, but that doesn’t make the loss any easier.

Summer mid-way point. How are we so close to the end of July already? Have you seen the back-to-school crap on the shelves?