Things I’m loving this week

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The Skimm. I was a news junkie, but…lately, it’s all just too much. I. Just. Cannot. Deal. Enter Skimm — the daily newsletter that gives me all the world news I really need to know boiled down concisely (and humorously) in a quick morning read that allows me to avoid actually opening any news site. It’s like Newspaper Cliff Notes for those who have, like me, deleted nearly all news sites from their social media feeds because…I can’t take all the constant bad news and photos of that fat, orange man.

Image result for skinnytaste chicken pesto Hmmmm…got a skinny theme going on here today, eh? Whatever…something may as well be skinny since it sure as hell ain’t me anymore (sigh).  ANYWHOO….SkinnyTaste has the best recipes because they are not only good, but EASY. Last week, I made this Chicken Pesto Bake and it was delish, as has been nearly every recipe of hers that I have tried. I’m just waiting for my zucchini to come in to try these Zucchini Tots and Taco Stuffed Zucchini.  (Can’t figure out why I’m getting fat…)

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Xtera Wetsuit. I waffled long and hard about spending big money on a wetsuit for the Bay Swim, but then a friend alerted me to a sale and I got this bad boy for less than $110. Two things I love: Like Under Armour, it holds all the soft parts together and makes you feel all sleek; 2. It’s so buoyant that it’s like wearing a life jacket. You don’t even have to kick. I decided to do the Presque Isle Triathlon in August so I could get more use out of it.

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Rock Out, Erie! People all over Erie are painting rocks and leaving them for others to find. It’s a much needed happy distraction and unexpected surprise in a world sorely in need of it. I stumbled upon my first one at Shade’s Beach on Saturday night, then learned what it was all about in Pat Bywater’s Sunday column.  After sharing the Facebook page with Kelly, she trucked right down to the gorge and came up with a bucket of rocks that she & Lauren are painting.

Things I’m not loving this week

Pandora. What is your major malfunction, Pandora? (Totally just dated myself there.) This site seems to crash on nearly every platform I use it on. Maybe that’s by design because they’d really prefer I pay for it, but…nope…I have Amazon Prime with comes with unlimited Amazon Music and all the channels I care to listen to.

This situation in North Korea. It’s a powder keg. And we’ve got a mentally unstable idiot just itching to throw a match at it to prove he’s “tough.” (Though, it’s easy to do that with other people’s sons and daughters…)

This bloated beached whale. He is everything that is wrong with this country and our government. Entitled, unapologetic, spoiled, bloated, lazy, and blatantly not representing the people he was elected to serve.