A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

Linda Slade: Girls and their Frienemies  (Definitely worth a read)

New Republic: It’s Time for a Bluexit (Long, but really well written. Sadly, I reside in one of the red states, but I’m not opposed to sliding a few miles up to New York).

Erie Times-News: Erie native Matt Mead, family navigating path to NASCAR dream (I worked with this young man’s father, Matt, and his grandfather, the venerable and awesome Ed Mead, when I worked at the Erie Times-News. I also knew (and adored) his mom, Lettie, so I’m thrilled to see all is well with their family (and, as a mother, I share in Lettie’s worry for her baby!) Ed would’ve absolutely loved this, I’m sure.

Active.com: The Funniest Tweets About Working Out.