Today’s topic:  DIY eye makeup remover

Why I tried it: When I used commercial eye-makeup remover before bed, I’d wake up with crusty eyes, which is just gross.

What you need: Witch Hazel (A few dollars for a bottle, which is found near the rubbing alcohol, peroxide, etc.), olive oil

How to make it: I filled a 3-ounce airline travel bottle halfway with Witch Hazel, then filled it the rest of the way with olive oil and shook it up.


My DIY eye makeup remover is on the right. Here’s a tip: Plastic travel bottles are not even “top rack safe” in dishwashers.  But…a slightly melted bottle is sort of artsy, eh? 

How to use it:  Dab it on a cotton pad or cotton ball and wipe it across your eyes. Take care not to actually get it IN your eye, as some say that’s unpleasant. This can happen if you over-saturate your pad/ball.

Did it work: Yes! And, better than the commercial products, I might add. The solution requires less rubbing to remove the makeup, which is a good thing when dealing with that sensitive skin around the eyes. 

How to store it: I leave it right on my counter. I’ve seen some people say you should refrigerate it, but that seemed to be when the “recipe” included water and I didn’t use water in mine. In any case, I’d suggest making a small amount so it doesn’t last too long.

Shake it: The oil & Witch Hazel will separate in seconds, just shake it up before using.

What is Witch Hazel anyway? It’s an astringent  compound produced from the leaves and bark of the North American witch-hazel shrub.  Apparently, there are a lot of great uses for it.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes! Give it a try!