Remember when eggs were as outlawed from a “healthy” diet as fat, butter, and red meat?

My, my….how the tides have turned. Because, as it turns out, that bullshit pyramid full of grains, processed foods, and low-fat (fat-free) dairy products (with research largely funded by these industries) were exactly the wrong thing for all of us to be eating.  Behold the obesity crisis it caused in America.

If you’re still drinking skim milk, shunning steak, and using only the whites of the eggs, you can stop. It was all lies. Eat the whole damn egg. It’s a freaking superfood.  I eat them at least five days a week. (BTW…if you’re fretting about cholesterol, you should know that experts are starting to question that whole thing, too.)

When I was a “healthy” non-fat-eating vegetarian, my breakfast every morning was a plain salt bagel and a diet Dr. Pepper.  I would eat it at my desk at the newspaper about 8 a.m. And I would be STARVING by 10:30 or 11 a.m.

Several years ago, when I did the paleo thing, I started eating 3 whole eggs (yep, whole eggs) in the morning (about 7 a.m.) and quickly discovered something: I wasn’t hungry at 11 a.m. I wasn’t even hungry at noon. Most days, my stomach doesn’t actually rumble till almost 2 p.m.  or later.

Protein sticks with you…and as a result, you eat less. I don’t bring snacks (even healthy ones, like fruit or carrots) to work because I don’t need them to tide me over. Truth be told, I could probably go without lunch altogether and eat an early dinner, but my lunches often fuel after-work workouts.

OK…so…now you’re probably wondering where I find time to cook in the morning.

It takes me 3 minutes to make eggs and doesn’t require dirtying a frying pan. It does, however require a little meal prep on Sunday and six 2-cup Pryex bowls with lids.  (I only microwave/heat food in glass now because plastic is said to leach chemicals into food when it’s heated).

I line up my bowls…and into each I put: two diced black olives, some diced scallions, diced mushrooms, salt, pepper, fresh basil.  (You can put in whatever you want — green peppers, banana peppers, etc. But…the key here is to avoid anything that is really wet — like tomatoes).

eggs before

Then, I cover the bowls and stick them in the fridge.

In the morning, I take a bowl out…crack three eggs into it. Add a bit of milk. Beat it. Then, microwave for 1:30. Take it out & stir it up. Put it back in for another 1:30. Take it out, add a bit of diced cheddar, stir to mix it. Cover it. Stick it in my work bag.

By the time I get to work and get settled and take out my eggs, the cheese is melted and the eggs are cool enough to eat.

eggs after

My boss complains that my breakfast smells like farts, but….I don’t care. 🙂

Yes, scrambled eggs made in a pan taste better and fluffier. The microwaved version can be a little dry, but a bit of added milk and cheese can help with that and, in my opinion, it’s a solid tradeoff for a 3-minute bowl of breakfast protein that keeps you going for hours.

One tip: If you can, wash your bowl when you’re done eating. The longer the bowl sits with dried, cooked-on egg, the harder it is to scrape off later. (Soaking helps.)