Three things I’m loving this week


Bull’s Dam/Eaton Reservoir. A hidden gem in North East, the Howard Eaton Reservoir (also known as Bull’s Dam) offers a flat 3-mile walking path around the water…or…if you’re feeling more adventurous and didn’t wear your “good” shoes, you can explore the miles of well-maintained (thanks to community volunteers!) and blazed trails. While we were walking at the Bull’s Dam on Sunday morning (my Mother’s Day request), we ran into a couple of guys who were headed to the trails on fatbikes and they told me about a new Facebook group — H.E.A.T. — where members are posting trail maps, trail photos, group activity invites.


A sister who loves to cook. We should all be blessed with a sibling who loves to feed people. And, not just like pizza or pasta, but Food channel worthy spreads with all homemade stuff — like the Mother’s Day brunch extravaganza above. That was only half the spread, by the way….  I’m still full.

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Ladies in leadership positions. While the November election as a nightmare, a disaster for women, and now a global security crisis, the most recent local primaries made me happy with several awesome women — some new, some-not-so-new to politics — installed in leadership positions, including my tax collecting sister Pam, Liz Allen on Erie City Council, Kathy Dahlkemper as Erie County Executive and Lisa Vallimont as my township supervisor.  Nothing effects our day-to-day lives more than the people at the local level of government and …I’m just going to say it….I believe women are more able to care for ALL people, they are more willing to listen and learn, and rarely do they have the ego problems (not counting that skinny blonde twit who lies on TV for 45) that causes so much bullshit among the other gender.

Things I’m not loving this week

Mulching. And, yet, it must be done. Probably this weekend.

Dog-slobbered glass doors. There are four glass doors in my house and my dog feels it’s his duty to heavy breathe, snort, and otherwise leave mark on every single one of them. There are times I am cleaning one side of a door while he is looking at me and heavy breathing all over the other side. #firstworldproblems, I know, but…seriously.

45. I’m leaving that toddler-in-chief on my list until he finally takes his ball and goes home.