Things I’m loving this week

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Lilacs. These fragrant spring flowers make me so happy. I have three bushes in my yard and just planted another one.

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We had 5 relay teams this year….that’s a lotta ladies….

Pittsburgh Marathon Relay.  All the fun and glory of a big-city marathon with a fraction of the miles. If you’ve always wanted to run a 26.2 or a 13.1 but just aren’t there yet, find yourself four friends and put together a relay team for the Pittsburgh Marathon (first Sunday in May each year). I’ve done this for four years now, I think. It’s very well organized and a lot of fun to do with friends. (For the most fun…have a couple teams so every runner has someone to wait with at the relay exchange points).


Vela. This is my new favorite place on the internets. It’s full of stories, articles, and essays written by women. I learned about this site by listening to this podcast and now I want to be Sarah Menkendick’s best friend, but she’s like 850 times cooler than me.  I’ve long wanted to start my own “thing” (not sure what), but…a woman’s magazine kinda…but without the trouble of print (been there, done that). I’ve even got a great name…and a mission statement….now I just need to find the time/energy to actually figure out what I want to do and do it.

Things I’m not loving this week

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Cohesion 10 (note the hard flat sole)

Saucony’s hard-ass sole changes. Saucony, Saucony, Saucony… could you do this to me? While I listened to friends whine about how Brooks or Asics or Nike changed their favorite running shoe, I would say….that’s why I love Saucony, they don’t screw around with their shoes. But, then you did. What the HELL did you do the soles in the Cohesion 9 & up? Hard as a rock. Not good for those of us accustomed to the cushioned ride we expect from Saucony. I’ve been wearing your shoes for….oh….18 years….this is the first time I’ve wanted to look at other brands. I’ve now bought THREE PAIRS of Cohesion 9s and 10s…that are now “walking shoes” because I can’t run in them. Why have you forsaken me???

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Cohesion 8 (note the cushioned, raised sole)

45. Our paranoid, narcissistic, clueless, idiot-in-chief will never leave my “things I’m not loving” list until he finally resigns or is forced out of office.  It’s bound to happen…maybe now sooner than later. (BTW…who let the Russians bring photographers into the Oval Office? F@#$ng amateurs are going to get us all killed.)

Rain…rain…rain…rain. What is this freakin Seattle?

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