Things I’m loving this week

I Do What I Want Mug

Crass kitty mug. This is going on my Amazon Christmas wish list right meow… Even if I never really do get to do what I want most of the time.

Image result for facebook friends

Facebook friends. I know I’ve been all down on FB and all social media lately, but sometimes the power of it is freaking awesome. Like when I asked my friends if anyone had an old road/race bike they wanted to get rid of and promptly found one for each of the girls…or when I whined about not knowing how I was going to get my kids to summer camps/activities & found mom friends willing to help-out/share rides.  FB was also how Lauren and I found out about the March for Science in Erie on Saturday (so cool!). This is why I can’t completely eliminate Big Blue from my life.

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Spring blooms. OMG…the bushes…the trees…..everything looks and smells so wonderful this time of year!

Fresh fish. Dan, his brother and cousin took all the kids trout fishing last weekend and caught enough to feed us all of us that night. Delish….


Erie’s March for Science. Not only was it a beautiful sunny day, but the turnout was fabulous, the signs were hilarious, and the vibe was definitely positive and encouraging. #nerdsunite

Things I’m not loving

BIG FAT corporate tax cuts. Y’all knew this was coming, right?  He’s got to payback all those campaign funds from his wealthy donors that own these companies. You know…the ones making $42 million a year while paying their line workers minimum wage? Yeah…45…he’s a real friend to the working class. Not.

Sinus infections. It’s been ages since I had one (thankfully), but I was recently reminded how painful they are. My face…my aching face…. (Word to the wise: Do not swim laps with a cold because…it often leads to a sinus infection. Now I know).