Three things I’m loving this week

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EZPass. After a few trips through toll-loving New York last summer, I decided to look into getting an EZPass.  PA requires an initial payment of $35 per transponder (that’s $35 in toll money) plus a $3 annual fee to open your account. (So…the transponder is “free”). I got one transponder that we can transfer from car to car (It just sits on the dash). The EZPass works on many of the surrounding interstates including the turnpikes in Ohio, NY, WV, NJ, RI and NC  (here’s a full list). The EZPass was particularly valuable during our recent trip to Boston as Mass. does not have toll collectors — If you do not have an EZPass, they photograph your license plate & send you a bill.  I also learned that you actually SAVE MONEY on some tolls with an EZPass. Also…you get through the toll booths quicker, of course. If you travel at all…it’s well worth having one.  I ordered mine online and it arrived in the mail a few weeks later.  More info here.

Easy Coleslaw Dressing

This easy coleslaw recipe. I had leftover shredded cabbage & carrots (I buy it in the bag) from the Thai Tuna Wraps I told you about before and googled “easy coleslaw recipe” and found this. It is easy…and deeelish. I love it fresh because it’s still a little crunchy.


Car travel. I used to hate traveling anywhere far away by car because, well….with five children and two adults in the car (technically six kids if we count my impatient father), when I was a kid car trips were a living nightmare of anger, hostility, yelling, and sulking. So, when I grew up…I flew everywhere. Until we couldn’t get decent flights to the Great Smokey Mountains a few years ago and decided to drive the 7+ hours. It was just Dan & I and …it was actually kinda nice to have all the time in the world to sit and read, talk, journal, scroll social media, etc.  I expected the 8-hour trip to Boston with the kids this weekend to be much like the car trips of my youth, but flying was not an option because I wasn’t going to plunk down $800 on flights and $50 to park and $100 to take luggage and $200 to rent a car in Boston….(Also…flying has become quite a freaking nightmare these days anyway), so we borrowed my mom’s car (three row seating is key!) and hit the road. We were able to take everything we wanted (no worries if our suitcase is over 50 lbs!) and left when we wanted and stopped when we wanted. We ate at picnic tables at rest stops and …you guys…my kids did not fight AT ALL. Not on the way there, not on the way back. *jaw drop*  This may have to do with the 8-hour binge on electronics & peace-keeping earbuds, but…whatevs…all I know is that flying has really fallen out of favor with me.


Racecations. Race vacations with running friends are the best. Even better when I don’t have to race!

Things I’m not loving this week

Head cold. Courtesy of the overcrowded Boston T-line (subway), I’m sure.

Fixing my swim stroke. So, I signed up for a few private swimming lessons because I need to learn how to bi-lateral breath for the Bay Swim and I was hoping to figure out why I’m so slow — it has much to do with the fact that I don’t reach and roll enough underwater (my body sort of sits on the top like a barge as I drag myself through with my arms). I’m working on it…but as soon as I get that right, I forget to kick, or my fingers spread out, or my right arm comes in & under (reducing my “pull”). There’s just so much to remember.