Things I’m loving this week

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Apple salad. Everyone brought a dish for Lauren’s swim team banquet, and Dan and I were happily gobbling up a big helping of apple salad. It was deeeelllliiissshhhh. Now, I know marshmallow fluff when I see it, so I knew it wasn’t entirely healthy, but…later, in talking with the swim mom who bought the “salad”, I learned why it was so good: Snickers Bars.

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New bike seat….er, cycling saddle. When I took my race bike to North East’s Lake Country Bike Shop to get clip-in shoes/pedals, I complained about the nether-region pain of getting back on the saddle in the spring and the guy suggested I get a new seat. Of course. I was skeptical, but…for the sake of my crotch, I added another $59.50 to the bill and it was the best $60 I’ve ever spent. Worth every buck…and my lady parts would agree.

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Amazon Prime Music. I don’t know what is up with Pandora but it is not playing nice with the browser on my work computer and it’s freezing up every few songs. A friend reminded me that Amazon Prime lets me stream music channels and albums for free. The best part is that I don’t even have to listen to any …not one…annoying commercials! Screw Pandora.

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Open-window weather. I love spring and the fresh air it brings. It’s warm enough to not need heat, but still cold enough to not have the A.C. on at the office and thereby enter the parallel summer/winter season (where you dress for the summer weather outside, but then must dress like it’s February inside.)

Things I’m not loving this week

Vaca planning. I know…I know…the ultimate #firstworldproblem. But, I hate all the logistics and planning and preparation for a family vacation.  It’s sort of like party/event planning — some people love it, I’d rather poke forks in my eyes. I find the entire experience to be a stressful, time-consuming PITA.

Chafing…in the pool. I got a new lap suit and realized the other day that’s it’s causing chafing under my right arm. Only I could chafe underwater. *sigh*

45s impulsive missile strike. This guy is going to get us all killed. WWIII coming right up thanks to Mr. Clueless. Also…his outrage at those “poor little babies” being gassed, while also refusing to offer safe refuge to any of them is classic Republican hypocrisy: