Things I’m loving this week

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Thai Tuna Wraps. These Thai tuna wraps from the Pampered Chef cookbook are not only easy, but tasty and meat free for you lent-observing Catholics and/or vegetarians. BTW…you can buy a bag of shredded cabbage & carrots (coleslaw) for, like $2.

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S-town podcast. You already know I’m addicted to Podcasts so when a friend told me about the newest “hot” podcast S-Town (S = Shit), I immediately downloaded the first three episodes. I am not a binge watcher/listener, but the producers of S-Town dropped the entire series at once and I ended up listening to the all seven episodes in two days. I would tell you what it’s about but…..well….I’m not sure I can explain it. Just listen.

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Facebook-free phone. I took Facebook off my phone about three weeks ago for a lot of reasons, but primarily because it stresses me out & allows me to waste time scrolling instead of reading a book or doing something more productive…. and it’s been so peaceful. Last weekend, I never even saw Facebook from 5 p.m. Friday till Monday morning and, not only did I not miss it, I was blissfully unaware of all the bullshit going on in D.C.


My songbird. Can I brag? I’m going to. (It’s my blog.) My daughter won first place in her high school talent show with this performance of Adel’s “Rolling in the Deep” with the help of her her sister and cousins who she recruited to be her backup “glow dancers.” They worked out the choreography…Kelly made all the “costumes,” too! (I have zero idea where she got any of this talent…it’s not from me or her father…)


Thins I’m not loving this week


Blurry photos. My camera sucks lately. I think I need a new one. Though… I concede that it could be (drunken) operator error.  Sigh.

Lack of sleep. Getting back to running means getting back to getting up at 4:37 a.m. (and not one freaking minute earlier) to run.  I’ve fallen asleep in my car twice this week (no..not driving…while waiting for kids, etc.)

Earbuds. Will there ever be earbuds that don’t hurt like a b^&* if you wear them too long? yeah, yeah…I know…it probably wouldn’t hurt if I didn’t wear them for hours on end when I’m listening to some Alabama train wreck