Three things I’m loving this week

Acapella Good Morning. This (above) is the ringtone for my smartphone alarm. While a part of me truly hates hearing it go off at 4:45 a.m.,  this frickin catchy song makes me happy and half the time I end up singing along. By the time I wake Lauren up an hour later, I’m singing and dancing the Good Morning song, which she totally hates. But, I’m betting someday it will be a fond memory of her borderline-insane mother.  (Tell me you can listen to that up there without dancing in your chair….)

Microwave Popcorn Maker

Pampered Chef microwave popcorn popper. I hesitated long and hard before I put this $25 rubber bowl on my order sheet at my cousin’s recent Pampered Chef party, but Lauren is a popcorn fiend. I love popcorn, too, but I won’t eat the microwave kind because it’s so full of chemicals and crap. With this bowl, you just use real kernels and real butter and…in just 2.5 minutes you have a bowl of fresh popcorn. AND…AND…its crispy. Two thumbs up (four if you count Lauren’s too) for this corn cooker.

50 in fifty.  Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper has pledged to learn more about businesses in Erie County and the challenges they face and how better to that than to get out of her office and visit them. She’s taking us all along with her, too, through her 50 in Fifty blog. I love this for about 50 reasons, but among them because:

  • it highlights that, oh, yes, Erie DOES have plenty of businesses!
  • she’s actually TALKING face-to-face with people. Who does that today? That’s awesome! Personal connection is missing in sooooo many ways today.
  • she CARES enough to ask and is sincere in her efforts to learn more in an effort to provide support to these businesses. THAT is leadership.
  • you get to a behind-the-front-door look at local businesses you probably didn’t even know existed.

I could go on, but…. suffice to say: 50 in Fifty is #myerie.

OH…..speaking of #myerie….

This video. This pro-Erie video, created in response to CNBC’s bullshit, one-sided story (and I mean story because it sure wasn’t actual reporting) about our town,  is a collaborative project of three fabulous local photographers: Rob Frank, Paul Gibbens, and Mike Conway.

Things I’m not loving

My office = Gaming room.  Video game developers/players are a notoriously slovenly lot. I know I’m painting all gamers with one broad brush, but….by and large….it true. Trust me. Just peek in the window of the game developers lab or hang out in the gaming lounge at the college and you’ll see what I mean. Or, come to my house and take a look at my home office, a.k.a., Lauren’s Minecraft building office. Water bottles, discarded clothes, dirty dishes, half-eaten food, hairbands, tweezers….and sticky stuff (I don’t even want to know…butter? syrup?) all over the desk surface and keyboard.

Voice mail. If I could find a way to take it off my cell phone, I would.

Along those lines….

Messenger’s Chat Heads. Fortunately, I did figure out how to get rid of these stupid annoying pop up bubbles that always seem to be on top of whatever app I want to use.