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Erie Reader: Hear the Call  (How can you help?)

“You are welcome to sit back, drink a beer, and watch a game. You are most certainly entitled to it and you earned it because you worked so hard throughout the week. But the truth is, you are needed. These organizations are taxed with too much work and not enough hands.

But what you are missing when you don’t volunteer is so much more. The momentum you get when you participate in service is astronomical; it does more for our overall psyche and sense of community. It binds us together and in this divisive climate, we could use each other to lean on.”

HuffingtonPost: 10 Things Parents of “Normal Kids” Should Know (This. Nothing aggravates me more than other parents who tell me what Lauren needs is “natural consequences” and/or a stronger parent riding her a%^ all the time…no…no…trust me….no. Works for K, but not L.)

No Sidebar: What if All I Want is a Mediocre Life? (I seriously feel this way every day. I struggle with mandatory goal-setting at work because I think: I’m good right here. I’m doing my job…I’m doing it well….right? Why do I have to set the bar higher? It’s exhausting to continually run toward a moving finish line. Ditto for running/fitness goals, parenting goals, goals for my kids. Basically…I hate goals.)

A Napper’s Companion: Reckoning a New Name (Life…family…it’s so complicated. That complexity is something I gain more and more appreciation for the older I get. With age comes wisdom, and sometimes it brings with it your grandmother’s vein-y hands,  your aunt’s wattle, or your grandfather’s jowls.

Washington Post: The House Just Voted to Wipe Away the FCC’s Landmark Internet Privacy Protections (Cause we need ONE MORE d$#%$^ thing to worry about. It’s like he’s trying to destroy all of us. There is no way this is in any way good for consumers….this is ONLY good for businesses who will sell you — and have access to your SS#, folks! Call your legislators…not that they’ll answer or care…but….)