A colleague of mine took this lovely photo of Lauren I at the Science Olympiad:


In looking at the photo, I realized:

A.) I should’ve removed my headphone cord from around my neck.

B.) I need to whiten my teeth again.

C.) Lauren needs a haircut

D.) This child looks absolutely nothing like me.

Later, in the car, I showed Lauren the photo on my phone and said something about us looking nothing alike.

Lauren: I know. Sometimes I wonder if I’m adopted.

Me: Well, I was there and I can tell you that you weren’t. This body right here (waving my hand over my abdomen) created you. *evil “muwaahhaaahhaaa”*


Me: Though, I was just listening to this fascinating podcast about two girls who were switched at birth and didn’t find out until they were in their 40s or 50s. Maybe you were mixed up in the hospital nursery. (BTW…this is me joking, not being cruel to my kid).

(long pause)

Lauren: But Aunt Rhonda! I look just like Aunt Rhonda.

aunt rhonda

Dan’s sister, Aunt Rhonda (and Uncle Bill)

Me: Oh…right, Aunt Rhonda. Hmmm….well,  I guess you’re ours then.

That Friday night at my in-laws house, I tell this story to family, including Aunt Rhonda who says…

Aunt Rhonda: Well, that really only proves who her father is.

Me: (LOL) Oh, man, why didn’t I think to say that? Good one, Rhonda!

all cass

Yes, she’s all Cass.