Things I’m loving this week

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Swimming laps. Since I’ve not been able to run….and then hurt my back in Body Pump, I’ve been limited to swimming, walking, and pilates. While in pilates the other day after a week off (instructor was on vacation), when we started abs prep exercises, I realized my core was sore and that it could only be from swimming. I never think of swimming as much of a workout, but my aching abs say otherwise.


Science Olympiad. I wrote about this awesome event earlier this week and am happy to report that Lauren placed in all three of her events — two 2nd places and one 3rd place. Her school (the middle school AND the high school) won 2nd place overall…so those poor Science teachers have to take all those kids on an overnight trip to the State competition at Juanita college in April. Woot!

Here’s a video of Lauren’s team when they learned they won 2nd place (that’s Lauren right in front there with the dark hair, and her partner for the events, is the blonde with the glasses sitting next to her.):

Pinterest. I hate to admit it, but there’s a void in my life without Facebook on my smartphone because in the evening, when I’m too brain dead to do anything like comprehend a book, or even hold one up, I used to scroll my newsfeed. That hole has been filled by Pinterest…where every night I’m happily pinning all kinds of things I will probably never look at again, let alone, make, do, build, or cook.

Things I’m not loving this week

Ticks. I’ve pulled THREE of these repulsive little bloodsuckers off my dog in as many days. He’s already got Lyme disease (and it’s acting up again). I think Dan may have stopped treating him with flea & tick medication over the winter, but we sure as hell treated him after we found those and I’m not going to stop unless we have a “real” winter again (i.e. cold & snow for loooong periods). I sure hope its a long and painful death for those bastards when bite him now.

No pool time in evenings. If you think it’s tough to get a treadmill at the YMCA in the winter, try getting a lap lane between 5 and 8 p.m. Sigh. Most evenings, it’s just closed altogether for lessons & classes.

45. Seriously…how much longer must we put up with this imbecile?