Today is the Science Olympiad, which is, as the name would suggest, sort of like the Olympic games for science geeks in middle through high school. Lauren is on the team for her  school and is entered in three events, including Reach for the Stars,  Rocks and Minerals, and Scrambler (a “car” that has to be engineered to come as close to a wall as possible without breaking the egg on the front of it).

There are 20+ events in each division (Middle & H.S.) and the event draws close to 500 students from school in the tri-state area. At the end, there’s a medals ceremony — with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and a winner’s cup. Last year, Lauren’s middle school AND high school took top honors!

Penn State Behrend hosts the event and upperclass science students and faculty serve as judges and proctors for many of the events. This, of course, means I can wander around and take photos and check out the events. It’s pretty awesome.

Lauren’s been working on/studying for her events for months now, with weekly after-school meetings and, lately, Saturday work sessions, too. She’s ready to go, but I thought she could use a little breakfast (she doesn’t normally have any time….this cannot surprise you!) and a little inspirational message:


Science geeks and/or movie buffs will recognize that phrase from one of our favorite movies: