Things I’m loving this week

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Hidden Figures. I took my daughters and mom to see this movie about the female, black mathematicians who helped put John Glenn on the moon. I cried through most of the movie — not sure why I found it so emotional, except that I’m ashamed about the way our country has always treated African-Americans (and still does) and I can relate to a lot of the sexist bullshit and how it makes you feel when a man takes credit for your work.


Lower movie prices at Tinseltown. Not sure if it’s temporary or not, but prices at Cinemark’s Tinseltown in Erie are just $3.99 and $5.99 — a bargain compared to the nearly $10 they were charging for weekend evening movies (“date night” prices). I wonder if it’s an effort to draw people to theaters now that so many people are streaming them at home for the price of one movie ticket.


Blasco Library. If you haven’t been to the library in awhile, you might be surprised to find that it is so much more than a place to borrow books. I took Kelly last night to get some books …and she got plenty….then, while there we learned about a teen book club/advisory board (how cool!), contributed to a Dear My Blank message board, read all about dozens of Women in History whose profiles were posted on the wall near the checkout AND took the time to admire and appreciate the amazing driftwood sculptures created by Erie artist, Brian Pardini. (There’s a Dr. Suess event Saturday! More events here.)

Oh….they have free computer classes, too…and an art museum membership you can borrow to visit the museum…and fishing gear you can borrow…. and…. (well, just go there already…)

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Marc Maron’s interview with Raoul Peck. Wow…I could listen to Peck, the director of the Oscar-nominated I Am Not Your Negro documentary,  talk all day. (Marc Maron, not so much…he gets on my nerves when he talks too much). He is so interesting and insightful and…just wow. I want to see his film, but …of course…it’s not showing here in Erie (yet). I’m holding out hope that one of the colleges or the art museum will show it as part of their next film series. Here’s the trailer:


Things I’m not loving this week


Facebook. I’m out. Really out. For awhile, anyway. I removed it from my phone and my personal life. I can’t completely banish the bastard though because I’m the one responsible for feeding the Facebook beast at work. But, I’m making a concerted effort to avoid as much contact with it as possible. It’s AMAZING how much more time I have on my hands.

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Not running. I’ve been battling achilles tendonitis for a year and..I give. I just give. When I do run, I hobble for days after. I have decided to take at least a month off running. This is not a good or healthy thing for anyone within striking distance of me, including the Runkeeper app on my smartphone which is going to get it’s ass uninstalled if it doesn’t stop reminding me that it’s time to get out there and run. Oh, I know it, b*%$#!

That B.S. CNBC video about Erie. (It’s such garbage, I’m not even linking to it.) This negative piece of one-sided “journalism” actually qualifies for 45’s favorite insult about news he doesn’t like — it’s fake. It’s “fake,” or at least very biased, because they told one very small and negative story about our community — it’s dying manufacturing industry.

Well, folks, manufacturing is dying all over the U.S. (though…not in the “Right to Work” states where I”m sure you can find a manufacturing job, but it’s non-union and pays 1/3 of what it used to). Much as you’d like to “make America great again” and open the nozzle on those $30-and-hour jobs for every man (and, btw, it was mostly men) with a high school diploma, that ship has sailed. If you want a high-paying job in manufacturing, get a f^&*%ing engineering degree or stop whining and find a way to earn a living fulfilling a need in our CURRENT decade.

Mostly, though, I hated this video because it painted Erie in a dark, crappy light and I’m sick to death of people coming in…taking one drive down E. 12th Street and shitting on our city. THIS is an awesome place to live…with at least FOUR technology and innovation incubators working with entrepreneurs in inventors DAILY on new products and industry and ideas…there are FOUR Universities in our area with professors and students doing meaningful research work (often with REAL clients and corporations)…we have a THRIVING and rich arts scene…a safe and vibrant downtown entertainment district…professional sports teams….and people who are working hard EVERY DAY because the believe in Erie and they are not afraid to adapt and reinvent this town.

I’ll give you that our public city school system is a mess, but that was created by the bullshit charter school system that ate it alive. And since our 45’s newly-appointed,  moronic and completely incompetent secretary of education  is allllllll about charters schools, it doesn’t look  like things are going to get better any time soon. Not until we vote out those GOP legislators who are clearly working for their party and NOT their constituents. We’re coming after you in 2018, you overcompensated, privileged, party-line-walking cowards. And…I cannot WAIT to work against Toomey and Kelly. I’ll knock on doors till my knuckles bleed to get those clowns out of office.

Yeah…so.. did I mention, I’m not running? It makes me kinda angry….