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Washington Post: Want to Raise Empowered Women? Start in Middle School

Scary Mommy: LuLaRose Consultants Need to CTFD (Truth.)

These are a Few Of My Favorite Things: How to Raise a Happy Teen

I will not have a bad relationship with my kid over a pile of clothes on the floor.  It’s. Not. Worth. It.   I love my kid more than I love a clean house.  I am confident that I am raising humans capable of picking up after themselves, and I know as they mature and grow up, these things will sort themselves out.  I have taught them how to do it.  They will not be in college and literally unaware of how to bend down and pick up their socks.”

The Players Tribune : Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark (My jaw dropped after the third graph…)

“It’s the summer of 1994, I am standing at the edge of a cliff in Kamloops, British Columbia, and I am checking out.

In February, as a 21-year-old starting goalie, I’d backstopped Canada to an Olympic silver medal. In June, as the third goalie for the New York Rangers, I’d drunk out of the Stanley Cup. I have a girlfriend at home. I have a turbo sports car parked behind me. I have the horizon in front of me — so much horizon — and as I look out past the end of it, I am completely calm.

I’m going to see how fast this sports car can go … and drive it right off this cliff.”