Things I’m loving this week


Gull Point Trail. We’ve always wanted to explore this trail at Presque Isle State Park, but with it being closed to the public from April through November (to protect nesting shorebirds), the window to hike the trail is short and smack-dab in the middle of winter, which means the weather is not usually conducive to long walks on the beach. This weekend, however, provided the perfect opportunity to take the nearly-4-mile walk from the Beach 10 trailhead to the observation tower on Gull Point.


Warm weather. 45, 50 and 60+ degrees in February? I’ll take it.


Sleep insight. I’ve been wearing Kelly’s fitbit for the last week. It’s interesting to see how many steps (or lack there of) I rack up in a day. Let’s just say the fitbit makes it clear just how sedentary my sedentary job is. It’s also been especially insightful to see how much I sleep (more than I thought) and how often I’m awake and/or restless (again…more than I thought).

Things I’m not loving this week

A sick husband.  I could never be a nurse. I sincerely lack any compassion for ill people and I mostly just want them to stay away from me, which is really hard to do when they live in my house. Ugh. Here’s hoping it doesn’t run through the rest of the house.

Procrastinating. Writers….seriously….we are the WORST procrastinators.