I fell in love with tall boots last year and have since amassed a collection so large I had to move them into another closet where I lined them up on a couple of shelves.

But, they wouldn’t stand up on their own and were forever leaning over or flat-out falling over and knocking the whole row down.

#firstworldproblems, I know (whaaaaah…my 12 pairs of boots won’t stand up nice). But, it was annoying and I couldn’t justify spending $100+ on a dozen boot shapers.

Then, I had this brilliant idea:


I rolled up old t-shirts and shoved them down to the ankle part of each boot (it’s key to push the shirts down to the ankle part):




(Ignore the boots on the far ends of the 2nd shelf, I didn’t put shirts in those yet.I need to raid the husband’s closet for unwanted race shirts.)