Things I’m loving this week

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Getting there and getting back home was no fun (picture Dan & I sprinting to every single gate…it’s good we are fast runners), but the time spent on this beautiful island was worth it. We stayed at the Majestic Colonial with eight couple friends of ours. It was fabulous — great food, plenty of drinks, friendly employees, super-cool pool, a beautiful beach (with LOTS of lounges!), and fun, fun, fun every day. We went on a couple of cool excursions — a snorkel/ party boat cruise on a catamaran and a day-long Outback Adventure (highly recommend!) that gave us a chance to see the D.R. beyond the resort walls and gates.


Being cell-less When my cell phone went into the drink (see below), I was livid. But, then, it was kind of nice to be free from the need to scroll Facebook, or post photos, or keep up with news in any way. Ignorance truly is bliss.


Sunny winter days. It it has to be cold and snowy….it helps when it’s also sunny. Good to see our old friend make an appearance here in Erie this week.

Things I’m not loving this week


International air travel. Wow…I’ve never in my life experienced a nightmare like that. We spent more than two hours in several looooong lines (check in, security, immigration, customs) at the Punta Cana airport (no A/C and 85 degrees that day!)…only to realize we had to go through the ENTIRE PROCESS again when we landed in Atlanta to catch our next flight to Pittsburgh. Adding to the misery was Trump’s big “International travel ban” bullshit, so… #thankstrump  (A man who, I’m going to assume, has never flown commercially in his life).

I did learn two things: I will never again fly to any caribbean/far south location on a Saturday (busiest travel day) and I will desperately try to avoid connecting flights when traveling internationally (the reason there were two sets of long immigration/customes/security lines).


Big-ticket losses. Two casualties of the Punta Cana trip: my cell phone (ended up taking a dip in the pool after …ahem…a few cocktails) and Dan’s glasses (on the flight? in the airport parking lot? In the airport shuttle? Who knows.) And, I was worried about losing our Yetti cups that we took with us. (Those both came home safe and sound.)


Watching the Steelers outside of Pennsylvania. We watched the Steelers playoff  game/meltdown at a sports bar in Punta Cana that was rife with Patriots fans. They were ridiculously obnoxious and took great joy in taunting the handful of Steelers fans in the room. #stayclassypat

Watching our Democracy crumble before our eyes. #thankstrump. He’s got millionaires in Silicone Valley preparing for the worst. If you want to be really frightened…listen to this Fresh Air podcast.