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NY Times: State Dept. Officials Should Quit if they Disagree with Trump, White House Says (Trump is a dictator in the making.)

Rolling Stone: The Believers: Cult Murder in Mexico (*jaw drops*)

GQ: The Concussion Diaries: One High School Football Players Secret Struggle with CTE

“But what his parents saw—the degree, the girlfriend, the job, the stability—was a mirage. Yes, he had just graduated from college, but he’d also just told his first employer, an annuity-and-insurance marketing company, that he needed time away from work. When he was making sales calls, he would forget what he was talking about mid-sentence. It got so bad that he even wrote himself a two-page script to get through a call.”

Cut: Compassion for Melania Is Misguided, but it Isn’t Wrong (Sadly, I’ve seen this sort of behavior every day of my life. She’s trapped in a loveless, contemptuous marriage. I’d feel sorry for her, but she’s literally living a gold palace, so…)