Things I’m loving this week


Puzzles. My kitchen table has been taken over by puzzles and…I’m cool with that. It’s a fun wintertime activity the whole family can participate in here & there when they have the time and inclination to.

Bay Swim X Logo

Swimming laps. I’m still pondering the Bay Swim. This is the last year, they say. So, it’s now or never. And, yet, I’ve not sent in my registration yet. I have, however, been swimming laps again and I forgot how much I love to swim. It’s a hassle to pack up all this crap, it’s a hassle to get there, it’s a hassle to shower and dry my hair, etc.  But, I do love the almost meditative quality and quiet peacefulness of swimming laps. (I know this probably means I am not swimming fast enough, but…whatever…)$478$

Working Hands cream. I’ll be honest, the ugly green container with the orange writing and the fact that this is primarily found at Home Depot and Lowes stopped me from ever trying this cream. I do judge books by their covers. But, this sh&* is amazing. Seriously. I cannot believe how well it cleared up the dry skin on my hands. I typically suffer with that till May.

Things I’m not loving this week

The Liar-Elect. I can’t imagine anything or anyone else ever being number one on my “things I hate” list for the next four years, but this bloated, egotistical, ignorant jackass. What an embarrassment to this country. He’s like that obnoxious drunk uncle you try to avoid at every picnic and now someone just gave him keys to the house.

“Boyhood.” I finally watched this movie on Netflix and…meh. I was bored. I kept waiting for something to happen and nothing ever really did.  Is it just me?

The Handmaid’s Tale. I had high expectations for this book, and it started out really good, but then divulged into a couple of sex stories that just bored me. By veering into a secret sex club, I felt that author took the easy way out of a story that could’ve been about so much more than it turned out to be. Maybe Hulu will do a better job with it on screen? Remains to be seen.