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GQ: The Resurrection Zoo (Excellent writing…fascinating topic)

“A few weeks ago, a humpback whale arrived in a FedEx box. Dr. Oliver Ryder removed the vial containing the whale from the package. He used its cells to grow more cells. Then he froze it. “And you know how hard it is to get a sample of a whale, legally?” It’s hard. There are rules about this sort of thing, shipping whales across national borders. Nevertheless, more boxes—full of deer, ibis, flamingos, desert tortoises, rhinos—arrive every day. They are unboxed, grown anew. Then they go into the Frozen Zoo to be saved.”

Outside magazine: These Dutch Kids are Training to be Falconers (I find this fascinating. I have so many questions.).

Zen Habits: Mindfully Free of Wanting People to Be a Certain Way

“One of the biggest sources of difficulties for every single human being is the desire for people to be a certain way.

We can’t seem to help it: we want the world to be the way we want it. Unfortunately, reality always has different plans, and people behave in less-than-ideal ways.

The problem isn’t other people. It’s our ideals.”

Worth watching

Sorta sobering, eh? I’ve made a real effort to curb my social media use lately, even going so far as disabling all notifications from all of the applications I use and taking Facebook off my Smartphone. I never got into Twitter, Snapchat, or any of the myriad of apps the cool kids are using…and I’m thankful for that…fewer bad habits to break. (I did, however, read three…count ’em THREE…. actual books over my holiday break though.)