Things I’m loving this week


Christmas with a toddler. There is no purer joy than that of a 16 month old hopped up on sugar cookies, a pile of presents, and the adoration of a dozen adult family members.


Time for fun and games. I normally hate Monopoly because it’s the game that never ends (or seems that way), but extra time off at the holidays means there time for a three hour game and for me to bankrupt my entire family. 😉


My new T-shirt. Because. Woman. Power. We’re never going to stop fighting for our rights and for equal pay and the ability make choice about our own bodies and for an end to patriarchy (trump may be helping us with that…keep diggin, old man.). I really wanted this one, but…swear words tend to offend people.


Feeding winter birds. I appreciate winter birds and the life and color they bring to Erie’s winter season. I keep the suet feeders filled till spring.  This guy (above) was eating his fill this morning.

Things I’m not loving this week

Erie’s lack of movie theaters. I’ve tried to take the girls to a movie THREE times this week and all they’re all sold out (all the family movies, anyway) and I absolutely refuse to buy tickets online and pay their “convenience fees,” so…no movies for us this week, I guess. I cannot believe that Erie only has on movie theater — 17 screens is not enough to serve a city this size and the surrounding counties it draws from (as far as Titusville and Oil City, etc.).  Makes me want to look into opening a theater…one of the modern ones that serves beer for adults.

No snow. I can’t believe I’m actually going to complain about this, but…a little snow would’ve gave us more options this week, like sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, etc. With cold, but no snow, we’re just sort of stuck inside.

Achilles tendonitis. Wondering if this is how my running life ends.

Christmas cookies. Every day I say I’m not going to eat anymore and every day I end up eating like 5. I need this sugar/crack out of my house ASAP.