Things I’m loving this week


The Nutcracker Ballet at the Warner Theatre. It’s no cheap date. Even the lowest-price tickets will set you back nearly $100 for a family of four, but…it’s a holiday tradition for the girls and I.

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Chopstix. Yeah, I know, I’m pretty late to the party on this one, but…now that I went there for lunch this week, I’m sure I’ll be returning again soon.

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Waterproof spray for boots. I don’t know why it had never occurred to me to do this, but after whining to some female colleagues about how my boots are ruined each year by tromping through all the salt and slush on campus, they told me to buy some waterproof spray to protect them. I ordered it from Amazon on my drive home (I mean…when I got home…sure, sure, yeah, that’s right..I don’t text and drive).

I nearly killed the family spraying all of our boots in the house, but…what was I going to do spray them outside in a snowstorm?

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yep…we all look JUST like this.

Body Pump. It’s a love-hate thing, but I’m really glad this class has been fitting into my schedule lately. Helps to burn some of that energy (and calories) I haven’t been burning by running because the roads/footing sucks.


A long winter’s break. One of the greatest perks of working for at Behrend is that the University shuts down between Christmas and New Year’s which means we get a long holiday break without burning up an hour of vacation time. Also, because nobody is working, you don’t come back to 342 emails and a blinking message light. It’s freaking sweeeettttt.

Things I’m not loving this week

Winter winds and/or icy/crappy footing. Twice this weekend my running plans with friends were foiled by Jack (ass) Frost. Take a hike, buddy. You do not want to mess with a Heather who has not be able to A.) run, B.) bitch to her friends for at least three hours a week, C.) run off some of those Christmas cookie calories.

Dry skin. Of all the things I hate about winter, this is in the top 5

Michael Bublé. I’m sure he’s a wonderful man and is seriously gifted, but I cannot stand his Christmas songs. I have some aversion to anyone/thing that sounds Big Band.