Three things I’m loving this week


Teen holiday helpers. The kids have reached that magical age where they can actually be useful around the house. (Well….can doesn’t mean does for one of my kids who shall remain nameless, but I’m sure you can figure out which one I’m talking about *wink, wink*) This year, the girls hauled all the decorations up from the basement while I was out running, Kelly decorated the tree while I worked on a freelance story, and, I’m laying the groundwork to guilt her into making all the cookies for the Cookie Exchange I’m going to on Sunday. Finally…this kid thing is starting to pay off a little.


A role in the school musical for the songbird. Kelly’s high school is doing Into the Woods for the spring musical and she was desperate to get a part. Seeing how she is already committed to an Erie Playhouse Show (she’s a lioness in Lion King Jr.!) till the end of January, I thought she might be shut-out because she’s basically unavailable until Jan. 20, but…she was cast as “Cinderella’s dead mom,” which may not sound like a plumb role, but it comes with a solo and a pretty dress, so Kelly is all about it.  My girl is going to be an awesome dead mother. 🙂


Snowshoeing. I forgot how peaceful it is to walk through the woods in winter. Also, depending on how deep the snow is, it’s a decent workout, too.


Pretty snow. It makes driving and getting anywhere quickly a challenge…and running on it..ugh (see “Things I’m not loving this week”), but…I will say that it’s pretty and makes everything looks clean and serene. Also, it gets my kids outside playing, so…

Things I’m not loving this week

People who don’t answer phones that I pay for.  I know it’s never out of their hands and/or pocket, so….ANSWER MY CALL/TEXT!

Running on snow/ice/slush. Basically running on any surface between my Sauconys and the pavement sucks. The first few snow runs of the winter are the worst as the body/legs/feet/god-forsaken-Achilles-tendon needs to adjust to the constant stabilization required to keep me upright.


Donating to the lost-and-found. Lauren begged for one of these cool “S” hats that the cross country team was selling. She had it for less than 24 hours. If I had a dollar for every coat, scarf, gloves, boots, hats, and other miscellaneous items I donated to some other kid at the school….well, I could buy a lot more hats.  In the photo above, she’s wearing Kelly’s hat, which Lauren is not allowed to wear outside of our yard now.