A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

Outside Magazine: Nature Might Hold the Secret to Healing Police-Community Relations (That’s a tall order, but…interesting food for thought here).

the Daily Beast: Hey, White Working Class, Donald is Already Screwing You Over (You got played. We all tried to tell you so….but you don’t listen to us uppity college-educated know it alls, right?)

“I’ll be fine over the next four years…but allow me to be blunt, since I don’t have any desire to pander to you, and it wouldn’t work to pander to you anyway.You voted for Donald Trump, thinking that he was on your side; that he will save your jobs and your way of life, whatever you imagine that is. Well, you got played. Over the course of his decades in business, Donald Trump has never given a damn about people like you.”

Organic Life: 6 Ways to Embrace Hygge, the Danish Secret to Staying Happy in Winter (Hygge, eh? This is pretty cool and I’ve had glimpses of this with winter…like enjoying the slow down that it forces.)

A Napper’s Companion: We We We Could Hold Hands  

“Years ago, as a young man, I wouldn’t have figured a walk with a red-headed boy could lead me to a better place. I would have considered the notion mushy.

Still, being a Pop will have everything to do with how I pass through this season’s mournful valley and grow as a man committed to kindness and compassion. Call this truth what you will.”