Three things I’m loving this week

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Uber/Lyft. OK…in truth, I was actually loving this three weeks ago when we were in Nashville. But then, the U.S. went insane and elected a demagogue and I didn’t feel like writing for the last month, so I just saved this idea….and now here we are.

ANYWHOO….when we were in Nashville, we tried the Uber thing (though they use a service called Lyft more) and it was so freaking awesome. No cash changes hands (you pay w/ a credit card through an app on your phone). You know exactly who is picking you up and what their car looks like and license plate number…and you can watch the car on a map and know exactly when it’s arriving. It was cheap…cheaper than parking in any big city, anyway…and it meant we could all have a few beers without anyone having to drive home. Now that I know what it’s all about, I would not hesitate to use it in Erie or any other big cities now.

Moana. I love a kids movie with a strong female character and Moana is a great example. She wasn’t trying to find her prince…didn’t fall in love with a prince…or any man…and didn’t even care. I love that, but…you know…I’ve been accused of being too independent before, so…  Suffice to say, it’s a great movie with a good message, a kick-ass protagonist, a stupid chicken (anyone who has ever been around chickens knows how accurate this portrayal is!) and a flawed, but very funny “hero.”

The best line in the movie comes from the hero who calls Moana a princess to which she strongly objects and he says: “You wear a dress and you have an animal sidekick. You’re a princess!” I like it when companies (like Disney) are secure enough to poke fun at themselves.  Also…we spent most of the ride home trying to think of a female Disney character that didn’t have an animal sidekick (we came up blank).

Watch the trailer here.

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Mystery Show podcast. Yeah…yeah…I know…I have a serious podcast problem. The latest one I am addicted to is The Mystery Show hosted by Starlee Kine for Gimlet. In each episode, the host solves some obscure mystery — from a truly unique belt buckle separated from it’s just-as-unique owner for a few decades (case #3) to a curious vanity plate spotted at a red light (case #4) to a video store that vanished overnight (case #1).  Another one I’m digging on is Gimlet’s Science vs.  hosted by Wendy Zuckerman…because Science!

Three things I’m not loving this week

Kindle book prices. I will never tire of complaining about this. When you make the electronic book prices HIGHER than actual book prices, you’ve lost me. I love my Kindle, but I’m not going to pay more for an electronic book when the paper one can arrive on my doorstep in two days for less money.

Cyber Monday sales. Wow…was that a disappointment. And now, Cyber Monday is followed by Giving Tuesday, which ….when did that become a thing? Christmas is a bad time to ask for money…from me anyway. Maybe the rich folks like doling out Christmas donations though. Dunno.

Stories told via slideshow. I love the ADDitude Magazine e-newsletters, which offer tons of great advice and content for those with ADHD or those parenting a kid with ADHD, but…for the love of bacon (like that…I just made it up)…why must they put every single article out in slideshow format? click…wait….click…wait……wait….click….it’s annoying. And, I might point out it’s probably the wrong way to approach stories you’re trying to sell to folks with ADHD who do not have the patience or attention span to stay with you through 15 page loads.