I had the perfect couples Halloween costume idea for Sunday’s Safenet Boo Run 5K. Neither Kelly or the husband would play along, so I made Sam my partner—the “Bad Hombre” to my “Nasty Woman.”

(And, no, I’m not even remotely ashamed to use my pup to make a political statement)


Even Bad Hombres are scared of Nasty Women


Sam: I want no part of this.

But then there was a thunderstorm on Sunday morning and…well, I’m just going to say it (because I am a Nasty Woman), Sam is kind of a pussy when Mother Nature (perhaps another Nasty Woman?) starts pitching a fit.



Sam: I’m out.

So I had to go it alone.

But, when I got to the race, wouldn’t you know it, I spotted another “Bad Hombre.” Not sure why I’m surprised they are everywhere, you know?  At least, that’s what “lots of people” say.


I knew I liked this guy….