Three things I’m loving this week

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Hotwire. I’ve not taken a whole lot of advantage of Hotwire since I typically want more control when making travel arrangements, but when it’s just me & Dan, I’ve got much more flexibility. We just booked a hotel in Cleveland for an early morning flight for less than $50. It’s a mile from the airport. So, I decided to see what Hotwire could do for me on a rental car and…holy cats…got another smoking deal.

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Twitter. I don’t use Twitter. I mean, I have an account, but I don’t remember the password and…people, I’ve got enough shit to keep up with…but, I do love the Twitterverse for it’s immediate reaction to all the stupid shit Trump says: See #nastywoman, #badhomebres and my all-time favorite twitter hashtag campaign ever: #trumpbookreport.

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Gas fireplaces. We’re still holding out on turning on our furnaces. I know. The only thing saving us from firing those suckers up is the ventless gas fireplace in our living room and in the downstairs rec room (which is now pretty much a “Crap We Don’t Know Where to Put Anywhere Else” room)





3-Bean SlowCooker Chili. I’m a big fan of recipes, but…this one…oh…this one….is freaking awesome. It’s so awesome that the husband likes it, too, which is annoying because now I have to share. But…I can make more…it was pretty easy. I did add green peppers to mine…and a dollop of sour cream before serving. Mmmm…..been keeping my belly nice and warm all week. (Though, my kids are wishing I’d finish the pot so I’d maybe make something else for dinner…)

Things I’m not loving this week

Panera Bread. You know what? I’m done paying $12 for a half a sandwich and a bowl of soup. I can go to a sit-down restaurant, owned by a local family, and eat a lot more food for less money. And, I have a choice…so I’m done with you, Panera, and  your ridiculously overpriced menu.  You’re dead to me. You can have your keytags back. Stop emailing me. We’re through.

Cold rain. We live through a lot of weather here in Erie and as much as I hate hazy, hot and humid…there is nothing that compares to the bone-chilling misery of cold rain, especially on a windy day. Almost makes me want to fire up the furnaces.