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Well….looks like we got a “bitches” theme going on here today, eh?

The New York Times: Learning from Dogs As they Sniff Out Their World

Washington Post: Nasty Women Have So Much Work to Do  (LOL! Creative & fun read, especially for Halloween season)

Outside Magazine: How Dogs Laugh With You, Not At You (Love this! I was a big cat person (I still am) and not much of a dog person…until we got Sam…and now I get it).

“Dogs exult in the world itself. No matter if your neighborhood is interesting or not, your dog will want to go out in it. This is a godsend for human beings, most of whom would otherwise vanish into their screens.”

The Daily Beast: Trump Finally Pissed Off the Wrong Woman. All of Them.

“Women voting for Hillary Clinton don’t f$%^ing care if you like it. They don’t care if men like Trump think they’re such nasty women. In the booth, removed from what shards of sexism remain in the modern world, women are allowed to be indifferent to Trump’s standards as they please.

On November 8, there’s nothing men like Donald Trump can do about the fact that women don’t care what men think nearly as much as men think they should. To women who are just realizing this, the feeling must be intoxicating. To men like Trump, it must be terrifying.”