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Outside Magazine: What Todd Orr’s Mauling Teaches Us About Bear Attacks (Um….holy crap. If you’re the queasy type, maybe don’t click on the video link…egads).

Little things: Chilling 1800s House Was Built By Ghosts And Contains Doors That Lead To Nowhere (Fascinating…and a little sad, too.)

New York Times: The Perpetual Panic of American Parenthood

“While Nordic citizens often don’t realize how good they have it, Americans seem not to realize how terribly they are being treated.”

Daily Beast: The Women of America Thank You Donald.

“Trump’s public statements and behavior show that some men really do view women as objects for personal pleasure or derision, nothing in between. In this world view, women are sexy or useless, objects of lust or disgust, Melanias or Rosie O’Donnells. Softened versions of this tragic dichotomy confront women every day of their lives. Here it is, guys. Here is exactly the thing women complain about, and it’s running for president on a major party ticket. It has the support of 40 percent of the electorate, give or take. Do you believe sexism exists now?”