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A little set-up: I recently upgraded Lauren’s texting phone from Verizon (paying $40 a month fora texting phone) to a Smartphone at Cricket (Free phone, $30 a month unlimited everything), but I’ve yet to give her the phone because she’s missing a lot of homework assignments. So, yeah, I’m holding the phone hostage ….or dangling it like a carrot…whatever….a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.

Anyway…occasionally, I let her play with it for an hour or so in evenings, hoping it might motivate her to get her work done so she can have the phone. Nope…it’s not really working. She may never get the phone, but…anyway…this morning:

Lauren: Mom, what do do with my phone that’s in your work bag all day?

Me: Nothing. I  just leave it in there.

Lauren: You should take it out and play Pokemon Go on it.

Me: I’m working at work.

Lauren: You can’t tell me you never take breaks.

Me: I don’t even know what Pokemon is.

Lauren: A smartphone is kinda wasted on you, mom.