Things I’m loving this week


Sweater, boots and tights (oh my!). I was ready for a wardrobe change. The cooler weather has allowed me to put away all my sleeveless tops and capris and bust out my boots and big, cozy, fat-hiding sweaters.


 Blonde again. I ❤ highlights. Also, I love my short hair. Takes me 10 minutes from shower to out-the-door to get ready to go anywhere.


Sam’s new hairbrush. This “slicker brush” had good reviews on Amazon and since it was just $10, I figured I’d give it a try. It’s freaking awesome. Sam clearly loves it, too.  Also…I love this dog because he loves me and listens to me and doesn’t ever talk back or roll his eyes or monopolize the wifi.

Things I’m not loving this week

Explaining “pussygate” to my teenage daughters. *sigh* Maybe I should be thankful for the opportunity to discuss sexual assault, but I also have to try and explain how a sexual predator obtained a nomination to run for the highest office in the country, so….

The abundance of Trump signs and supporters. If you support him, I’ll assume you’re good with racism, xenophobia, fat-shaming, and misogyny, not to mention federal tax evasion and…oh, yeah, sexual assault and objectification of women. I’m deeply saddened by the signs in my neighborhood and will always be wary and suspicious of the people who openly support him and his campaign of hatred. We are clearly a nation deeply divided.

Charter schools. I don’t know how I was so clueless about this, but after reading the super’s message in our school district’s newsletter, it’s pretty clear that charter schools are eating Pennsylvania’s public school alive and stealing money from our kids…while providing a sub-par education to those kids who “learn online” from these “schools.” If you want alternative education for your kids…fine…but you pay for it. A half million dollars for 48 kids to learn from a computer is complete bullshit.