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The New York Times: Donald Trump is a Terroristic Man-Toddler

“He’s the 70-year-old toddler who knows nearly nothing, hurls insults, has simplistic solutions for complex problems and is quick to throw a tantrum. Also, in case you didn’t know it, this toddler is mean to girls and is a bit of a bigot.”

The Atlantic: Alcohol as Escape from Perfectionism

“…perfect-looking women with perfect children at the right schools, living in perfect houses, aiming for a perfect performance at work, with eating disorders and serious substance abuse issues.”

Quartz: Scientists Gave Squirrels Fitness Trackers and Learned that the Females Do all the Work (*no comment, even though I really, really want to*)

Time: How Russia Wants to Undermine the U.S. Election (The threat is real…and terrifying…)