This story requires a little set up:

I recently had to take Lauren to the college I work at to be in the background of a photo I needed to take with a student. The student turned out to be a very handsome (and kind) young man who plans to be a neurosurgeon some day.

We did the photos and when we got in the car afterwards, I made some comment about how nice and attractive he was and Lauren busts out: “OMG, I know! He had like a six pack! No, he had like an 8-pack! And, I just kept telling myself…don’t look at his abs…don’t look at his abs.”

Three days later, we’re taking a walk on the bayfront, when out of the blue….

Lauren: Mom, if anything ever goes wrong with my brain, call that guy.

Me: *confused* What?

Lauren: That guy from the college who’s going to be a brain surgeon — Dr. Abs.

Me: *laughing* Deal!