A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

The Atlantic: The Mother Behind the Entrepreneur (Ignore the implication that only mothers seem to matter and you’ll find some useful advice & info in here).

“Instead of being this tiger mom that decided in advance what your child has to do and forcing it on them, or a helicopter parent who hovers and insists that their child do the things that they think are necessary, this requires listening to your child. It requires watching your child, seeing what your child’s strengths are and what makes your child happy, and then supporting that and trusting the process. It requires trusting your child and backing off a bit and letting them pursue that passion even if it’s something you know nothing about.”

The New York Times: Secrets to a Lasting Relationship from High School Sweethearts (Is it odd that most of my family…and most of dan’s family (including his parents) are high school sweethearts who are still married? Probably. But..it’s pretty awesome.)

Forward Progressives: Here are 5 Reasons Why Fact Checking Donald Trump is almost Completely Useless

“We’re witnessing a presidential campaign where they literally just make up whatever the hell they want. Trump and his surrogates get indisputable facts presented directly to them as they lie — yet they continue to insist that their lie is true. Not only that, but they fabricate “facts,” then claim there’s plenty of evidence out there to support their fabrications, yet they never provide any actual credible sources — then they lie about why they can’t provide the evidence they claim.”

Telegraph: How Pittsburgh Became America’s Most Unlikely Cultural Capital. (Props to the visionaries in the ‘burgh…gotta agree…you have turned that ship around and it’s awesome…we all benefit from that.)

The New York Times: Two Ex-Spies and Donald Trump

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