Things I’m loving this week


Real apple cider. Not that fake pasteurized apple juice they try to pass off as cider in the retail stores, but the real deal made with nothing but pressed second-hand apples freshly gathered from Erie, Pa., backyards and orchards.

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This is Us. Of course I didn’t stay up to watch this new show when it aired on Tuesday at 10 p.m.(ha..ha…ha…you’re funny thinking I’m upright after 9:30 p.m.), but after all the chatter about it on the interwebs the next day, I watched the premiere online. Then, added it to my Google Calendar, which is a sign that I’m really, really committed to at least trying to see the show. (Though probably not at 10 p.m. on Tuesdays because…are you kidding me?)


High School XC. The kids are cool and kind to each other, the parents cheer for everyone, and all the runners who finish the race “win” in a way.   I’m sure the whole thing is much more intense for the fastest kids in the white, hot spotlight, but in the back of the pack, it’s all pretty chill. I’m so grateful that the entire thing has been a positive experience for K.

Things I’m not loving this week

Shorter days. Here is one thing I don’t like about fall/winter — less daylight. Not much time to squeeze in any outdoor activities (kayaking, walking, etc.) between the end of the workday and nightfall. And, yes, I’m well aware it’s all downhill from here till like Nov. 21.

September heat. You know what? I’m done with this summer heat & humidity. It’s September in NORTHERN PENNSYLVANIA and I want crisp, cool air; crunchy, colorful leaf litter to kick through; and the faint pungent smell of a smoldering leaf pile some idiot is always trying to burn.

A crappy Quad run time. The 5-miler leg of the Highmark Quad is pretty much 2.5 miles downhill, then 2.5 miles uphill on the return. On Saturday, it also included a strong tailwind on the way down and a headwind on the way back up, which totally sucked. I let it get to me and my time reflected that.