Things I’m loving this week

Noxzema. My friend Linda is in her 70s and has the most amazing skin you’ve ever seen. At a party recently, I was complaining about how makeup remover wipes dry out my skin and she said: “OK, I’ll tell you my big beauty secret — Noxzema…none of the fancy stuff, none of the new stuff, just a $3 can of Noxzema. That’s all you need.” So, I bought the $3 can and I love it. Not only am I reminded of my high school years (you know back when Dove soap and Noxzema were really your only choices), but it actually removes all my makeup and cleans my face without leaving it all dry and scaly . So….there you go…toss out all your overpriced crap and get yourself a blue can of nostalgia.


Riding my husband’s coattails to Boston. Dan qualified for Boston again and so did all our Saturday morning running friends, so looks like we’re going to be heading back to Bean Town again in April. And, the best part is, I don’t even have to run a marathon.


Beast on the Bay. This race is so much fun….especially with friends. Don’t have any friends? Join me and my team of Superfriends. All are welcome. Seriously, it’s fun. Here’s proof:

Next year’s race is 9.9.17. Start training now!

Things I’m not loving this week

A forced new sewer. Our township is being forced (by the DEP) to install a sewer system because so many dipshits in our township had septic systems that failed inspection (thanks, morons!)…and the price tag is high…astronomically high. Like $10,000-12,000 to hook in, which does not include the cost to actually hook in (you’ll have to pay a contractor to do that…likely about $3K…..or do it yourself and have it inspected). And then….and then ….a $112 MONTHLY sewer bill. It all seems surreal…like a bad dream. But it’s not. If we didn’t have so much invested in our home and two kids with five years left in the school district, we’d move. As it is…we’re going to bear a big burden for whoever does buy our house when we do sell some day.

Her Times 5K in 15 days. HOLY CRAP. How did this happen? My race—the one I direct—is like three (wait…two….) weeks away and, MY GOD…. I better get on that. Eek!

September. For all the reasons this blogger lays out. It’s like we live the same life.