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Washington Post: 7 Ways to Encourage Older Children to Read (Some good advice here)

Motto: Productivity Tips (Sigh…if only I could do this. I should try.)

Patheos: The Story You Aren’t Hearing About the Dakota Access Pipeline  Also this Kansas City Star story.

“It’s an uncomfortable reality that reservations exist in the first place; they arose out of greed, entitlement and blind ambition. Their boundaries have been constantly re-drawn to protect corporate and government interests, and their people have been displaced and lied to, again and again, by those same institutions.  Episodes like the one unfolding in North Dakota right now have been consistently rinsed from our history books, as if forgetting about them will make it not so. Such ignorance of our own history is lethal. We repeat sins of the past because we have not entirely integrated them with our collective sense of self. That was somebody else. Some other place and time.’

People: Inside My Terminally Ill Friend’s Final Party Before Ending Her Life (OMG…the feels)

NPR: Dog’s Understand Tone and Meaning of Words