I saw Cesar Kuriyama’s Ted “One Second Every Day” TED talk a couple of years ago. While it seemed like a cool concept, the last thing I needed to do was add one more thing to my to-do list and then spend time editing video.

But then a friend did one & posted it on Facebook and then I was all jealous (damn FB and the envy it constantly inspires!) and looked into how I might do it in the easiest way possible (i.e. very little editing work).

I had a revelation — there must be Smartphone app for it. And, there was and it was only a few bucks.

So with just $2.99 to lose (the price for the 1 Second Video App in the Google Play store then..not sure what it is now), I started recording on the day after my 44th birthday.

On my 45th birthday this year, I compiled my one-second videos from the year previous (the app does it all for you) and….voila! A 6-minute video of some of the moments of my 44th year.

Cool, eh? Want to do your own? Here are a few tips/things to know:

  1. The 1 Second Video app costs a few bucks. It’s worth every dollar.
  2. You can set up reminders and 1 Second Video will pop up with a message on your phone. I set mine for mid-afternoon because I knew I’d just ignore it in the morning.
  3. If you miss a day, it’s really no big deal. It happens.
  4. If you did not shoot video that day but you did take some photos, it will allow you to use a photo. (So…if you want to use a photo from that day, either don’t shoot video or delete all the video…it will not give you the option to use a photo if there is any video from that day).
  5. If you shoot two good things on one day, it will not allow you to use any of that video the next day. It only allows you to use content from that day. (I find that annoying, but….whatever….it is what it is).
  6. I shot right from the camera app on my phone (instead of shooting from the 1 Second Video app). Then, when I had a few minutes, I’d go into my 1 Second Video app and choose which clip to use as I often had a couple options every day.
  7. I posted mine to YouTube, but I made it private, so only the people I share the link with can see my video (You know…like the entire world since I just posted a link above, but…whatever…we’re all friends here, right?)

On a totally related note, I’ve been thinking lately about my, apparently, overwhelming need to document my life in photos, words, and now 1 Second snippits.

I’ve been a journal keeper since I got my first “Dear Diary” when I was 10 years old (complete with a kitty on the cover, gold edging, and a teeny-tiny lock and key). I have a footlocker full of them now (which, by the way, are to be destroyed upon my death…seriously…I’m not even sure why I keep them because I never want them to be read. If you’re my friend and I’m dead, consider it your personal duty to burn the entire box.).

It gets weirder. Deep in my cedar chest, I still have notes from high school. Love notes from my first boyfriends and those folded up football-shaped notes from friends that we would pass back and forth in class. (Side note for the kids: This was back before texting and cell phones and — gasp — the Internet, when we all wrote notes — usually in cursive because it was faster — on actual paper with actual led pencils that we had to sharpen with manually-cranked sharpeners. Yeah…for reals…we had it tough, kids. Imagine life without Google…I actually lived it.)

You already know that I take tons of photos. Digital cameras really fed my addiction because without the constraints of the cost of film and developing, well….I could go ape-shit and photograph, document and record in megapixels everything from my perfectly baked apple pie to Kelly’s first steps to Lauren’s 17th swim meet to the big bug we found on the back porch last night. Yes, I always have a camera and photograph nearly everything.

And, of course, I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade now. I started my first blog (Life & Her Times) in 2006 when I worked at the paper. I started my second blog, Runner’s Notes, shortly after. I still write that blog for the newspaper. This “A Touch of Cass” blog came about after I left the newspaper in July of 2011and picked up where I left off.

When I worked at the newspaper, my favorite thing to write were columns, which usually revolved around — you guessed it — me and my life.

So with all the journals, the photos, the 30-year-old notes, the blogs, and now the 1 Second videos of my life (and you know I’m making one every year now, right?), I can definitely say that mine is a life well examined, dissected, and documented.

I’m not sure why I feel so compelled to record it all in one way or another, but I’m guessing it has to do with wanting to remember these moments, days, and years of my life. And, maybe to leave something behind, too.

Except the journals. Seriously…somebody (Cyndie, Jen W., Lisa S…..one of you) burn them if I don’t get to it before I’m sleeping deep six-feet under.