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So I have this long haired calico cat, named Bella, which means “beautiful,” and I assure you that she is perfectly named (see photo above).

She’s a gorgeous cat and she has a Princess-y vibe and air about her (she would NEVER consider putting a paw outdoors, you know).  The funny thing is that she’s the daughter of a couple of rough-and-tumble abandoned barn cats.

If you’ve been around the Erie athletics scene for a while,  you, no doubt, know Bella’s fairy Godfather — otherwise known as The Quadfather, Craig Latimer, who took pity on the cats a neighbor in Edinboro has left behind in his barn when the moved. To Craig and his wife’s surprise, mamma cat was preggers. When the litter arrived, Craig would email photos of the kittens and random (and I assure you idle) threats of drowning them all to a colleague at the paper in an effort to guilt her into adopting one of the fuzzy kittens. While my colleague stood firm, I took the bait.

I have never had a long-haired cat & wasn’t sure I wanted one, but once we were at Craig’s house playing with the little things, it’s not like I couldn’t take one home.

Bella is my baby and, if she’s being honest, she really only loves me.

Or so I thought. Her love was recently called into question after I tossed her out of the carpeted bedroom into the tiled bathroom mid-hairball-yack one night.

The next morning, I woke to go for a run and found this this in my closet, which is connected to the bathroom:


Well played, Bella. Well played…..