Lauren called me yesterday whining that Kelly was bugging her and she couldn’t focus on her book. You know, her summer reading book that should’ve been read at some earlier date than the day before the first day of school, but… I digress….

I asked to talk to Kelly and Lauren got her on the line, but didn’t hang up. Soon enough, they were screaming at (over top of) each other on the extensions while I, literally, set my phone down and continued working on a story while I waiting for a pause in the yelling.

When they let me speak, I suggested they stay away from each other. They insisted they could not possibly to that, to which I replied:

“Are you telling me that in our house with three floors, four bathrooms, a trampoline, an in-ground swimming pool, and three acres of land complete with a wooded path to the creek, you cannot find a place to be alone?”

*mic drop*

or rather

*end call*