Things I’m loving this week

Winco LS-8G Lime Squeezer, Enamel Coated Aluminum, 8"L, Green - Pkg Qty 6

Lime Press. There’s just no comparison when it comes to fresh lime juice versus that stuff in the green lime-looking squeeze bottle. I’ve been making a lot of guacamole and my recipe calls for fresh lime. This squeezer, which I picked up at Aldi’s for a couple bucks, is awesome.

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Tazo Iced Passion Tea. I’m a coffee lover, but it’s been too dang hot to drink it at night. I recently discovered Tazo Ice Passion tea. The kids don’t like it because it’s not sweetened, but that’s just how I like it….because then they won’t drink it all. And, I don’t need or want the sugar.

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Yeti Cup. I totally made fun of Dan for spending $30 on a Yeti travel mug, but then he showed me how it kept the ice in his water for hours and hours on a 90,000-degree day (at least it’s felt that way lately) and I used it to take my Iced Passion Tea to work the next day and still had ice in the Yeti when I left work at 4 p.m.  It’s pretty much been my cup since. He could probably just buy me one for my birthday.

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45. Today is my birthday and there are a few good things about turning 45. For example, A.) I’m not dead, B.) I am another year closer to retirement; C.) I can go anywhere without makeup or hair done because, as a middle aged woman, I’m now officially invisible; D.) I’m in a new age group for races and can finally get away from those fast bi%$# (I say that with both love & admiration…they are my friends)…though they’ll all catch up with me soon…they always do. 😉


My new (er, old) ‘do. I wasn’t playin’ when I said I was sick of the long hair. I feel so much more like me now.

Things I’m not loving this week

45. How did this happen?

Along those lines….

I have a high-schooler. Kelly is in high school this year. HIGH SCHOOL. Again, how did this happen? 2020 will be here before I know it.

My limited brain capacity. I’m continually amazed by the things that I learn at work that I’m sure I was taught when I was in elementary/high school/college, but I have no memory of. For example, the Western Interior Seaway. Who knew North America was once divided by a sea that covered half the land in the middle? Well…I guess everyone…and probably I was taught this information, but it clearly didn’t stick. It was likely pushed right of my brain by something like the theme song to Gilligan’s Island or the name of every character on Beverly Hills 90210 or the home phone number of my 7th grade boyfriend.