Things I’m loving this week


Presque Isle’s Purple Martin Roost. According to Wild Birds Unlimited, the foot of Presque Isle state park is one of only two known pre-migratory roost rites for Purple Martins in Pennsylvania. Birds come from a 250-mile radius to gather at the park and feed before flying together to Brazil for the winter. The park may host as many as 100,000 martins at it’s peak!  You can see them from the shore (the park’s Vista 1 is the best spot), but you need good binoculars. The better option is to get a kayak and paddle between the cattails just before dawn or just before dusk. After trying to see the birds from the shore on Tuesday, we decided to plan an evening paddle that weekend. I ordered a kayak light on my way home (Again, God bless & two-day shipping). We were not disappointed…and it was totally worth getting eaten alive by bugs when we returned to shore (note: bring bug spray next time!).  Here’s a video (turn the sound up…that shhhhh sound are the mass of birds in those cattails):




Erie. This weekend, I ran and worked out with friends at Presque Isle on soft sand and in warm fresh waters, the kids and I watched dozens of people paddle carboard boats across the bay (see below), we biked along the bayfront and into the city to see the Chalk Walk at celebrate Erie and listen to live music on two different stages, we paddled out to see the Purple Martin roost at PISP (above). Tonight, Kelly and I are going to see “Dracula” on stage at a local college, Friday night we are running a 5K at another local college that offers a post-race sundae bar, Saturday we are probably going to hit Waldameer for one last blast before the park closes for summer, and Sunday morning I’m sailing in a charity regatta on Lake Erie.  Yeah, I believe in Erie, too, man. We may have some issues (who doesn’t), but life is damn good here.


Cardboard regatta. I’ve wanted to attend this event since it’s inception several years ago and have just never made it to the bayfront until this year, and it was a blast to watch. Though, it was reeeealllly hot in the sun, so if we do this again, we’ll do like all the smart spectators did and bring umbrellas to shield us from the sun. Or…maybe we’ll build our own cardboard-and-duct-tape boat and participate (yeah..when will I do that? I know…hey…a girl can dream, right?)


Storybook skies. These are my all-time favorite type of clouds. And, more are on the way — seems peak season for storybook skies in our area is September.


Girls who can do stuff. I love that Dan is teaching the girls to do things I never learned, like building things, shooting a gun and a bow, doing basic home improvement stuff, and mowing the lawn (though, to be fair, I have refused to learn to do that because then it will become my job).

Things I’m not loving this week


Bifocals. I’ve never had (or needed) glasses, but I have them now. (It’s hell getting old). I guess it’s a very low prescription to help with distance and with up-close bifocals. And, I find them annoying. When I wear them outdoors walking around, I feel like I’m drunk because everything below my line of sight is kinda fuzzy.

Long hair. It’s time for this crap to go….all I ever do it put it up anyway.