Three things I’m loving this week

Start of the Olympics. I am immensely thankful that starting tomorrow, we’ll have something to deflect attention from the endless political news clogging our hearts, minds, and newsfeeds.


Hanging around the bayfront. Sometimes we go down to Dobbin’s Landing just to take an evening walk along the waterfront (cool breezes, beautiful sunsets) or  we  haul our bikes donwtown and ride to Frontier Park and back on the paved bike path. We’re lucky to be just a 15-minute drive away, thanks to the Bayfront Connector.


GoFloats floats. We’ve had our pool for 15 years now and suffice to say we buy (have bought) a ton of floaty toys, rafts, inner tubes, etc., and these (pictured above) are the best ones we’ve bought so far. They’re surprisingly thick, so it would seem they’re going to be more durable. They’re also plenty big enough for adults, cute, and just $20. I bought them on a whim for the girls’ for their birthdays, and I’m glad I did.

Three things I’m not loving this week

The usual suspect, of course.  There is, indeed, something very, very wrong with him. This baby thing. This Purple Heart thing. This sexual harassment thing. This fire marshall thing. This was all just TWENTY FOUR hours into the work week. It exhausting to keep up with.

The Netflix tax. Pennsylvania is now taxing digital downloads, which just sucks. Really, really sucks.

Dog fighting. What a disgusting human being this guy is…as are all the others who watched, bet, or stayed silent about this sicking shit. It’s sick.