Things I’m loving this week

An easy auto inspection. My Trailblazer is old now and has 115,000+ miles on it, so I expected an expensive annual inspection. Much to my surprise, the old girl held up well and I only needed windshield wipers. Sweet.

Michelle Obama. There are not words for how much I admire this woman on so many levels (as a wife, as a mother, as a change-maker in her own right). God, am I going to miss her.  “When they go low, we go high,” — those are words to live by.


Lake LeBoeuf. In search of new waters to explore by kayak, we checked out Lake LeBoeuf this weekend. The little lake itself is nice, but the real gem was the creek it feeds (or does the creek feed the lake…hmmm). We crossed under a bridge (Route 19 above) and meandered down the wooded creek for a half hour before a storm threatened and cut our adventure short. We definitely want to go back and see how far we can go. According to the map, the creek meets up with French Creek.


Movies Nights at Jerry Uht Ballpark. Saturday night was the perfect night to take in an outdoor movie at Jerry Uht Ballpark. The SeaWolves (who play at Jerry Uht) teamed up with the YMCA of Downtown Erie to bring three movies to the big scoreboard this summer. You can still catch Star Wars under the stars at the park on Saturday, Aug. 27. Bring a blanket and/or lawn chairs. While you can sit in the ballpark seats, they are pretty far from the screen.

A historical moment for women. For the first time, I can truly tell my daughters that they can be anything they want to — even the President of the United States. Whether you love her or hate her (and I hear there’s no in between, eh?), you have to admit that it’s pretty f%^&ing awesome to see a woman finally bust that boys club.  I’m totally with her.

Things I’m not loving this week

Bern supporters. It’s over, folks. I liked him, too, but he’s just not the guy this time, so…Just Stop. Please. Get with her or you’re going to help elect a racist demogogue who openly mocks, disregards, and dismisses the morals, values, and safeguards that this country was built on—here’s proof.

Humid heat. While I appreciate what these hazy, hot & humid days do to my pool (we’re up to 80 degrees without a solar blanket), I despise what it does to my skin, hair, and temperament, not to mention my electric bill.