In the category of “Things I never Thought I’d Do,” I participated in a Flash Mob recently.

It started with an e-mail to my daughter from the Erie Playhouse. They had been asked to do something special for Perry Palooza, a community celebration of the improvements made to Perry Square in downtown Erie. EP decided to try something that had never been done before in Erie—a flash mob—and were looking for partipants.

(I know that flash mobs are like…so 5 years ago, but this is Erie and we are like… so 5 years behind,… so it’s cool.)

Kelly, who had been in an EP show before, was interested in doing the flash mob, so I told her I’d take her to the 11 o’clock practice, followed by the 12:10 o’clock “performance.” I’m still not sure how I got involved, but at some point—possibly after a few cocktails one evening—I said “Maybe I’ll do it with you.”

We practiced the song maybe 3 times before we all scattered and headed downtown separately to “blend in” to the crowd. Kelly and I visited the booths, checked out the new fountain, and worked on a tree scavenger hunt the PA Master Gardeners had put together.

When “showtime” arrived, things didn’t go quite as planned. The soloists starting the song couldn’t really be heard (mic problems, I assume) and I don’t think most of the public knew what was even going on until the mass of us joined in at the 7th verse and began to gather in front of the stage.

Still, it was fun. And, it was something I’d do again, if asked….or agree to after a few margaritas. (Oh, the things tequila gets me into…)