Three things I’m loving this week

Red Raspberries. A few years ago, Dan transplanted a few red raspberry twigs into our yard. They have blossomed into bushes loaded with sweet red berries. We are picking bowls of berries every day, eating our fill and freezing the rest to make brandy and to enjoy the sweet tastes of summer all winter long.


College for Kids classes. The girls have been attending various College for Kids classes for years now, and they always love them. Cooking, dance, music, arts & crafts, computer and engineering—they’ve sampled from every genre and enjoyed them all. The only dud we experienced was golf, but…I should’ve known they wouldn’t enjoy spending five days on a quiet golf course in the blazing sun taking turns hitting a ball.


Off-hours swimming. For me, the best thing about owning a pool are not hot, sunny days, but early mornings, after a humid, sweaty run and late at night, after a humid, sweaty day.

Things I’m not loving this week

Legitimizing this ridiculousness. How did we get here? *smdh* Now we know how far angry white God-fearing Americans will go to f%^$ us all.

Tape and tweezer thieves. Ten thousand years from now (or ten…who knows what happens if Trump gets in office??), when they excavate the land surrounding my home, they may think a salon stood there based on the cache of tweezers and office supplies they are sure to find buried in the rubble.

Bullying.  If you tell me I have to do or accept something, it’s pretty likely I’m going to find a way not to. #bulliesneverwin